Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bubblelistic A&R Management

Holding tenacity and persistence at its core, Bubblelistic Management
is a company surging towards a position of prominence in the music
industry. With task objectives in promotions, marketing and management,
Bubblelistic Management is rooted in the cultivation and advancement of
talents from every spectrum of the music industry, not withstanding the
current roster of talent, which include singers, composers, rappers and

Currently, the Roll-Wit-Us All Stars, a rap duo steeped in educated
versatility, has been the primary focus of Bubblelistic Management.
Through networking and buzzing with major labels such as Def Jam,
Sony, Virgin, Interscope, and various independents, this rap duo has
broken ground and shown the level of precision that can only come from
Bubblelistic Management.

Bubblelistic Management has, in part, taken on the task of redefining
and setting a new precedent for the integrity, standards and practices
for music from the performance and business perspective.

Because Bubblelistic understands the power that truly gifted music can
have on the masses, is determined to influence, if not, lead the
direction of music that will be directly responsible for the tone of
the culture of this generation.

The current plight of music, in general, is at a threshold where
anything is possible, but these possibilities have yet to come forth.
But it is through Bubblelistic Management, that these possibilities
have only begun to emerge.


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